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As a sophisticated publication, dreams features rich editorial content, elegant design and distinctive color photography. dreams is a magazine that readers will proudly display on their coffee tables: your chic guide to wide variety of luxury products, services and experiences.

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I am sure, you have all done this before.  It’s the middle of the night, your mouth is dry and your heart is racing.  You get up and walk over to the fridge in search for something, anything just to satiate that craving inside you.  It can be a bar of chocolate, the savory lamb satay, some fresh oysters, a sour-spicy sinigang or a lemon meringue pie.  Welcome to the Dreams Cravings issue.

As a genuine foodie, I must admit, I have raided the fridge many a late night.  I try not to succumb but alas, I lose as soon as I hear my stomach growl. Don’t give me that smirk, I am sure you have all succumb too.  What are you cravings?  Let us know.

A few months ago I was fortunate enough to be invited to visit Melbourne, Victoria.  I have heard many stories about the fantastic eating and drinking scene of the city but I had to see and taste it to believe it.  After my visit, I am proud to say that I have christened Melbourne Australia’s Food Capital.  WRead more about my trip in our Dream Escapes section.

Our Passion for Living section is headlined by some of our choices of the best restaurants in the region together with features on Wedgwood’s exquisite tea services and Singapore Airlines’ in-flight dining.  In Expertise, we feature two culinary hotshots, Jamie Oliver and Mario Batali.  Elements of Leisure highlights an article on our favorite craving option, chocolate.  We also feature an article by Gilbert Sape on his recent visit to Sri Lanka and he shares with us some of the savory curry recipes he acquired from a cooking class.  A casting coup of sorts is the main feature of our Luxe Folio as we gathered together six of Jakarta’s best chefs for a fashion spread cum cook off.  It was a delight brining these chefs together as they not only look resplendent in their fancy clothes but also know how to genuinely have a good time.  In Dream Escapes, aside from my Melbourne article, Kyle Gregorio also writes about the Thai Royal resort city of Hua Hin.

We have endeavored to fill this issue with as much food and beverage choices as your grocery list can handle.  Try some of the options we have presented and let us know how they go and I hope we are able to fulfill some of your cravings in the process.

Happy eating!


Jed V. Doble

Managing Director

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Many of us love to travel. Whether by plane, ship, train, car, tuk-tuk, bicycle or even by foot, the journeys we take reflect our personalities and aspirations. Our Voyages issue showcases great destinations and opulent modes of travel as well as what you may want to take with you on these trips.

In this wired age of the internet, social media and communication, the world seems to be getting smaller and smaller, day by day. It may seem that the period of grand voyages are over, but not here at Dreams. We generally see a trend of more bespoke luxury travel. Off-the-beaten-track and culturally rich destinations are gaining popularity among travelers. Thus we have endeavored to compile some of the most exotic and interesting travel concepts available out there for you our readers.

We open our Voyages issue with an article on the legendary trunks of Louis Vuitton in Passion for Living. We also present a variety of journey options, among them: by sea, The Samata, a luxury dive vessel which conducts custom-designed trips around Bali and the Komodo islands, by rail: the lavish Orient Express trains, and by land, the indulgent yet healthy MesaStila Wellness retreat in Central Java. In Expertise, we feature Boston-based world-renowned architect Moshe Safdie and event designer extraordinaire, Preston Bailey. In Elements of Leisure, we feature the world’s number one restaurant, noma and I write about my visit to The Press Club, run by MasterChef Australia’s chef George Calombaris. This issue’s Luxe Folio fashion essay has a nautical theme and is entitled, Set To Sail. We also have a 9-page feature on some of the best spas in the region. Our Dream Escapes section is packed with great destination features on Macau, Muscat and Myanmar (Bagan).

Where have you been to lately? Have you been on a mind-blowing voyage? Let us know. Get in touch with us via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or through our Facebook page or Twitter. Interesting submissions have a chance to win some cool prizes from us.

Enjoy your voyages!